Kasper at his (dive) trip to the Red Sea / Egypt

A supercool artistic pic of diver Kasper

Ambassador Kasper Wendelboe

BSOD, as a super-trendy and sustainable brand, now has ambassadors. These ambassadors represent our vision and stand behind our mission. Our ambassador Kasper Wendelboe is a special customer, a fan, a friend of BSOD from the very start of our organization.

Kasper is a real cool guy! He’s from Aalborg in Denmark, born in 1978 and works as a civilian in the Danish defence. He’s a person with strong family bonds and enjoys spending time with my friends. In his free time he’s musician. Death metal because of the energy, haha. Next to it in his free time he loves to spend time in the cottage by the sea, and as a diver obviously also in the sea, below the water.

The nice thing of living in Aalborg, Denmark is the fact that it’s surrounded by water and no matter where you are in Denmark, you can never be further away from the ocean than 52 kilometres. A bit pity is that Denmark is not a cheap place to live due to high taxes. On the other hand healthcare and social security is free and you even get payed during your education.

Aalborg is a nice, friendly big city. A channel, straight through the city, divides Jutland. Aalborg is world-know for Jomfru Ane Gade; a very popular centre-street with on both sides restaurants and pubs. Its history dates back to the Viking ages.

About diving; Kasper his interest in diving and getting in contact with it was for reason that he always was drawn by the mysteries and wonders of the sea, with a highly fascination of sharks. During a low and hard time in his life, he entered an internship at a local scuba diving store and finally got his diving license.

In his words: “diving is amazing”! (BSOD couldn’t agree more😉). It is entering an intriguing world, forgetting about the daily things problems, leaving the surface behind. Diving for him is also learning something new every time again. To spend time in a different world and going home with new energy. A great achievement a human can obtain is the acceptance from animals. At this moment Kasper is licenced with SSI OWD, Navigation and Shark specialty.

One of the things BSOD likes about Kasper is that he’s an underwater photographer! He shares his diving-experiences through the lens of his camera. With his pictures he let’s us join the wonders of the astonishing underwater world. He’s always aiming to improve his pictures and we’re convinced that one day Kasper will be a well known underwater photographer!!

We have asked Kasper how he thinks about the BSOD-ambassadorship: “I am humble to be part of a brand that shares the compassion and values as myself, and donates to important causes. I am very proud to have been asked to join the BSOD family. Thank you very much for the trust!!!

Well, the thanks are entirely mutual, Kasper! We are proud that you are an official BSOD ambassador!

Follow Kasper on social media> Instagram: @KasperWendelboe Twitter: @ferocity12